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Thoughts on the Summer Finale. 

Okay since I’ve calmed down from my post about Toby from last night (xD) I’m going to do a thoughts/opinion episode. I’m still in refusal that -A IS Toby, but last night I thought of some clues that did all add up now, but then there are some that don’t connect at all. :c

Linden/Nate: Okay..okay what!? I had a really strong feeling Nate wasn’t who he claimed he was, and I also felt confident he wasn’t Maya’s cousin, and I was right. Linden James, huh? He’s crazy! He’s so sneaky and crazy and evil o.o I was so scared for Emily there. And I guess Paige turned out good after all. Well, I suppose that’s good. And now Linden’s dead. 

Caleb: …..Okay the second I saw he had a gun I KNEW something bad was going to happen to him. I kept screaming at the TV for him to put the gun down xD It didn’t help aha. But seriously, Linden SHOT Caleb! It was awful. At first I thought Caleb would be the one to die, so I almost started crying but then I saw that Caleb was just injured and Linden was the dead one. But poor Caleb, -sigh-.

Ezra/Maggie/Aria: ..I was about to start this paragraph with okay but then I realized that’s how I started all the above paragraphs xD So anyways, I’m not a huge fan of Maggie. There’s already been enough secrets that Aria has had to hide from Ezra, and now there’s another. I really want to know the whole story, the parts we don’t know, but Maggie does. And also watching Ezria is really awkward because I’m just waiting hoping that Wes and Aria get together. :3 

Spoby: Well fellow Spoby fans, looks like we finally got our sex scene! ;D It was pretty freaking awesome, considering it was longest out of all the other couples. And Spencer FINALLY told Toby she loved him :3. It was so cute, I loved it. And shirtless Toby is always a nice sight(;

Toby & Mona: Quite the -A team, isn’t it? As you know from my post last night, I was FREAKING out when we saw Toby in that hoodie. So that’s the big betrAyel we’ve been waiting for. ….. ….. MARLENE KING YOU ARE ONE HORRIBLE YET AMAZING GENIUS. Gasp, Toby, okay now I’m freaking out again xD I can’t believe it! What about that time -A did something to his car? And loosened those screws on that thing that he fell off of and ended up in the hospital with a broken arm? Was that the head -A? Did that person make Toby become part of the team? D; Maybe Alison IS alive, and maybe that’s why after The Jenna Thing she thought she needed a favor from him or whatever? I sorta forget, but maybe she/Courtney/whoever is using him and he’s not the head -A? What do you guys think?

That’s all for now, have to go get ready for the first day of school!


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